Important questions to ask your wedding venue

Choosing your wedding venue can be quite an overwhelming task. There are so many different things to think about, so many options, details and personal preferences to take into consideration when deciding where to hold your big day.

After you’ve done all your research and scheduled a viewing at a venue that takes your fancy, it’s important to remember that every venue is different and will have different things to offer. Here are a few questions that you might want to ask your potential venue to ensure that it’s a good fit.

How many guests can you accommodate?

When planning your wedding one of the first things you’ll need to know is if your venue can hold your desired guests. You and your partner will probably have a rough idea of the amount of guests you’ll want at your wedding so it’s good to know early on if the venue you’re looking at is big enough for your guest list.

Is the Wedding Venue Available for Exclusive Hire?

Every venue is going to be different in terms of how many weddings or events they allow to take place on any one day. Lucky for you Drenagh offers complete exclusivity to all our couples meaning you will be the one and only wedding to take place on any given day and you and guests will be the only people on site.

Who will be the point of contact in the lead-up to the wedding?

Even if you think you’ve asked everything, chances are there will still be questions arising ahead of your wedding day and you’ll want to know exactly who to contact. At Drenagh we have a fabulous team of wedding planners who will be just on the other end of a phone call or email to help you calm any wedding worries you might have.

Do you have a recommended suppliers list?

Most venues will supply you with a list of “recommended suppliers” and Drenagh are no different. We have a list of fabulous suppliers who we regularly work with and trust, and it can be helpful if you’re not sure where to start with your search for a wedding photographer or cake supplier.

Do you have accommodation on-site?

This is an essential question, especially if you’re getting married in a location that isn’t local to your family and friends. It is good to know how many people can spend the night, the cost for these rooms, is there is breakfast available and what the check out times are.

At Drenagh House we have 11 fabulous bedrooms for your nearest and dearest and a ground floor suite also available should you need to use that also.

We also offer exclusive hire of the house to our guests so if you and your family wish to stay here, you will have the whole place to yourself. There are also some places nearby that your guests can stay at for convenience.

Is there enough parking for all our guests?

If lots of guests will be travelling by car to your venue, check the parking situation at the venue. Similarly, it’s handy to know if your guests can leave their cars overnight as it gives them more choice on how late they stay.

At Drenagh we have plenty of parking for your guests and they also will have the option of leaving their cars there overnight if they need to.

What evening food options do you offer?

At most weddings, by the time it comes to your evening do, many of your guests will definitely be feeling a bit peckish again. It’s most to find out what is available from your venue. At Drenagh we have lots of tasty options for your evening buffet, a member of our wedding planning team will be able to go through menu options with you.

Can you accommodate a live band or DJ?

Who doesn’t love dancing at the wedding? If this is something that’s important to you, it’s good to find out early out if the venue can accommodate a live band and if so what time they can arrive to set up.  At Drenagh we have a big marquee that effortlessly lends itself to your evening party as it does your intimate sit down meal. It’s a win win!

Does the bar accept card or just cash?

If you aren’t planning to offer an open bar for your guests then this is a really important question. You want your guests to come to your wedding with the right means to pay for their drinks and they will need to know in advance if its cash only. You’ll be happy to know that the bar at Drenagh accepts both cash and card.

These are just a few helpful questions for you to ask your wedding venue when planning for your big day, if you have any more then please feel free to contact a member of our team on or call 028 7772 2649.


Blog image by TenTwentyOne Photography